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In general, how interesting did you find the topics discussed during Pathways to Transformation?
1 = not interesting, 5 = very interesting
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Did the conference motivate/inspire you for future activities in your organisation/institution?
1 = not motivating/inspiring, 5 = very motivating/inspiring
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In your opinion, were there enough opportunities for audience contributions?
far too fewslightly too fewjust enoughtoo manyfar too manyno opinion

Overall, did the conference meet your expectations?
not at allslightlyneutralmostlyfullysurpassedno expectations

How well did you find the registration process to be organised?
1 = very poorly organised, 5 = very well organised
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In your opinion, how was the food quality during the conference?
1 = very low quality, 5 = very high quality
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In your experience, were directions and upcoming sessions clear to follow?
1 = very confusing, 5 = very clear
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In your opinion, was the material handed out during the conference useful?
1 = not useful at all, 5 = very useful
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In your opinion, how professional was the conference staff?
1 = very unprofessional, 5 = very professional
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